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The Bang Bang Boom!

An omni-channel campaign strategy, that optimises customer experience both digital and offline for HIGH impact.

The bang bang boom is a product for the brand that wants results delivered in 3 months, 6 months or one year period. 


The Bang Bang Boom Pillars


Customer Centric


Personalised Messaging

people (2)

Physical Touch points

social-media (3)

Online Touch points

chat (1)

Mobile touch points

customer-service (1)

Customer service


Internal communication

We deploy customer centric omni-channel solutions to existing problems, testing and iterating till we get the BOOM!

80% + GROWTH

The big bang boom takes longer to plan than to execute!

You only get to work with the BEST consultants in the industry

Other Services

Optimised digital content creation and distribution

Platform specific content optimised to drive action and engagement with your brand

Audience engagement and personalization

We leverage artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to understand user behaviour, preferences and demographic to build digital experiences that engage and relate to your customers.

Multi platform optimisation

We optimise your brand content for the different screens your customers are on throughout their day

Data driven decision making

We help businesses make informed decisions, refine strategies and digital media initiatives for bigger impact.

Agile and adaptive digital marketing solutions

We experiment, iterate and evolve strategies based on your customer feedback and emerging opportunities in your marketing efforts.

User research

We employ empathy centered customer research to understand customer perspectives, pain points and the emotions that fuel their actions

Persona development

We ensure that the products you create cater to the specific requirements of your customer segments

User centered UX Design

We create intuitive and engaging user experiences through activities such as prototyping, wireframing and usability testing to ensure products meet customer expectations

User centric product audit

We offer a comprehensive product audit aiming at bridging the gap between user expectations and the product’s offering, ultimately driving better user adoption and satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your brand through social media marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive traffic with targeted PPC advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online with strategic SEO.

Content Marketing

Create connections with compelling content marketing.

Audience Analytics

Gain insights and optimize performance with audience analytics

Email Marketing

Connect with customers through personalized email marketing.

Messenger marketing 

Enhance customer engagement via messaging apps

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