Digital Transformation

Standard Group Podcast

About the Brand: The Standard Group PLC is the second biggest media house in Kenya. It runs a daily newspaper, has several TV stations and radio stations as well as a digital news desk.

The Challenge: The digital media consumption landscape was evolving quite dynamically. While the organsation had rich audio content from the radio station, consumption of audio content was shifting to digital platforms. The organisation needed to transform this aspect of their content.

The Project: Create a podcast platform on the standard group website, repurpose existing audio content into shows and create new podcast shows.

The Results


A new user friendly landing page for podcasts


2 new shows, shot weekly on motherhood and business

leadership (1)

Facilitated upskilling of teams to create digital podcasts


1,000+ downloads within 2 weeks of launch

Goodlife Pharmacy - Skin Care

About the brand: Goodlife Pharmacy Africa is a fortune impact 20 organisation operating a chain of 130+ retails stores in East Africa (Kenya and Uganda)

The Challenge: The organisation offered personalised skin care consultations at their top flagship stores located in major cities in Kenya. However, the skin care landscape was changing, and more and more people needed skin care products. Given the expanse of their stores, it wasn’t viable to get a skin care specialist in each and every store. To meet this challenge and open up this service to people across the country, we digitised the process.

The Solution: We established a virtual skin care consultation desk, where anyone anywhere across the country could speak to a skin care advisor and get personalised recommendations that met their skin care needs.WE launched a skin test hosted on the website where people could opt to do one before opting to meet with a specialist.

Campaign results in 6 weeks


Campaign reach: 600,000+


Consultations done: 4,000+


Skin tests done: 2,000+


Organic growth: 15+ in a week post campaign

revenue (1)

New Revenue Stream - Ksh. 450,000 Month on Month