Our Team

A team of digital natives working together to accelerate the growth of digital first businesses in Africa

Wamuyu - (Wa-mou-yo)

Head of Growth

A numbers girlie, who apart from growing brands, loves growing plants too! Doubles up as the team captain.

Nyambura - (Nya-m-bou-rah)

Influencer Manager

Everyone loves her, she’s like the rainbow on a rainy day. Don’t be fooled though, she always stands on business.

Antony - (An-toh-nih)

Communications & Content producer

If he is not behind the camera, he is in the gym lifting weights and cooking up some bro-mance!

Miss Ray - (R-ei)


Our ray of sunshine, always bubbly, with a tonne of patience and 8+ years of experience in recruitment.

Njeri - (N-je-rih)

Social Media Manager

The creative content creator. Social media is her canvas, and she does beautiful impactful art.