Talent Recruitment

Cyber Security

Challenge: The organisation which primarily does B2B needed a candidate who would be able to lead their field marketing as well as as guide their digital efforts.

Solution: Sourced and recruited a candidate with prior experience in cyber security marketing, with experience in field marketing initiatives as well as some digital marketing experience.

Brief to candidate reporting: 7 Weeks


About the brand: Compland is a leading e-commerce website selling phones, electronics and appliances

Challenge: The e-commerce industry in the electronics space is highly competitive. They needed a strong candidate with digital marketing experience to drive growth and scale their revenue both in the short and long run.

Solution: Sourced and recruited a candidate with a solid experience in driving e-commerce revenue through both paid and unpaid channels. We issued a written assignment that demonstrated their capabilities.

Brief to candidate reporting: 8 Weeks


Challenge: They were about to launch an app that is revolutionising the fashion landscape. They need people who would help with the sales and onboarding process of the app.

Solution: Create a job description for the role that will meet the outlined criteria, Source and recruit digital savvy sales and onboarding specialists